The best part is he gets slowly more annoyed

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Sad b&w blog, I follow back similar


Sad b&w blog, I follow back similar

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There’s a degree of difficulty in dealing with me
From my haunted past comes a daunting task of living through memories.
If we could just hang a mirror on the bedroom wall, stare into the past and forget it all.

So when we leave it’ll be a quick midnight escape
We’ll disconnect ourselves from all of yesterday
I’ll dig for water and fashion our very own wishing well
Then we’ll throw our coins down hoping to rid of us of this little hell

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Michael Brown is laid to rest. 

Jesus, this kid was born in 96. he was so young. 

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Boys don’t understand the horrible view girls have of themselves


Literally fml

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Perks of dating me: I’ll let you sleep on my boobs

done deal

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Glucose test today.
Kill meeee.

purified-purs said: I was really excited when I saw your baby bump process. If thats even the right term which it isn't. I'll say it, cause I do think you'll end up being an amazing mommy and you'll find the right way to raise your love child. It honestly reminded me of when my sister was pregnant with my niece and the joy she brought me was amazing. You dont have to publish this but I just hope youre doing a lot better and I can't wait to see more pictures ^^ Have a good one hun.~

You’re amazing, thank you. <3

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